Who Celebrate Dashain Festival

Who Celebrate Dashain Festival: – Dashain is a festival that is celebrated for the 15 days, starting with the first day known as “Ghatsthapana” and the last day known as “Vijaya Dashami”, where the tradition of putting tika from the elders takes place. The process of taking tika takes place from the last day of Dashain to the Purnima i.e. for the 5 days. Dashain is as regarded as the most celebrated festival throughout the country Nepal.

Who Celebrate Dashain Festival

Since time infinitive, Dashain is praised as an across the board celebration and as an image of intensity. As indicated by Hindu folklore, a monstrosity ‘Rakshes’ (creatures) by the name of Mahisasur had caused agony and enduring among people. At that point goddess, Durga Bhawani murdered the creature to diminish the people. Dashain is the celebration symbolizing the triumph of truth over.

Regarding who celebrate Dashain, In Nepal, before Prithvi Narayan Shah (1768), the celebration of Dashain had been worshipped as a typical culture by every culture. After the period of Prithvi Narayan Shah, a culture of bringing Phulpati, Jamara from the Temple of Gorkha to the Kathmandu was made in practice.

After this culture, the people from the religion of Hindu and Buddha starting taking tika from the eldest in their family on the day Vijaya Dashami, the last day of Dashain. Intrigued Hindus, Buddhists and individual from Muslims used to visit the illustrious royal residence to take Tika from the King.

Hindus and Buddhists observe Dashain as a national celebration. Buddhist families in Stupas additionally observe Dashain happily. As per the Lord Buddha has said Sanatan Dharma is boss religion. Buddhists acknowledge Red (few white) tika on the temple. Whatever shading it will be, it is an image of the triumph of truth over misrepresentation. Likewise, the Nepalese Muslim people group additionally regard Dashain. Muslim people group in Nepalgunj observe Dashain taking Red Tika and Yellow Jamara as Prasad of Devi.

Nepalese dwelling outside the country accept the celebration as the character of Gorkhali Nepali individuals spread over the world paying little respect to their position and they trade welcome and praise the celebration in consummate social concordance. In Darjeeling, Duarsh, Sikkim, Dehradun and Assam and Bhutan Dashain is taken as an event of Gorkhas solidarity.

Hindus in India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Hongkong, America, Britain, Germany, and Australia with another country (where Nepali and Hindus are living) the world over witnessed Dashain in their own particular conducts. Dashain is a normal celebration of poor and rich.

Tika, a blend of string, red vermilion and rice is put on the sanctuary of the body by seniors with Jamara (nine days old grain seed) as blooms. The custom begins from Bijaya Dashami and keeps going till full moon day with much enthusiasm and cheer. Tika is gotten from father-mother, father-in-law, relative, educators and other adored senior individuals with favors. Dashain is additionally essential to Indian Hindus commend the event without getting Tika.

Nowadays there is also the trend within the Christian residing within the country of Nepal to celebrate Dashain as the Cultural value but they do not put tika.

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