Dashain Shopping- 12 Things to Buy in VijayaDashami Festival of Nepal

Dashain Shopping- 12 Things to Buy in Vijayadashami Festival of Nepal

Dashain Shopping- 12 Things to Buy in Vijayadashami Festival of Nepal: – Dashain is more than just a cultural event. It makes the economy vibrant as people across the country go on a shopping spree for new clothes, gadgets, food and more. Companies are looking to ride the wave of shopping frenzy by launching their festive offers and schemes. The festive period is the most important period for the Nepali economy as most of the consumer spending occurs during this period.

Dashain is the biggest and most auspicious festival of Nepali people. For each and every citizen of Nepali, Dashain has remained as the one time of the year when all sorrows, griefs, and hardships are forgotten, and co-operation, togetherness, and happiness are celebrated. But we can see these days, Dashain has become bulkier rather than celebratory as well has become materialistic and like an occasion to make show off. Commonly we, simply don’t experience the same kind of excitement we did when we were children.

Dashain is the festival which brings all our families, relatives and friends together and is observed with great reverence in the name of Goddess Durga. But at the same time, it is not so easy to manage everything for the festival as the savings are not enough because of price hikes. As the festival is important, we celebrate it within out limit. Everyone needs to manage things according to their financial status.  Spending quality time with families, having fun and chatting, receiving tika and blessing from elders and worshiping Goddess Durga is the greater parts of the celebration.

Shopping is the quintessential Dashain activity. Young or old, affluent or aspiring, fashionistas or wallflowers, everybody descends down to the bazaar. The stores around town are privy to the festive mood as well, rolling out eye-catching deals and discounts. The craziness and the crowds can be a bit overwhelming, however. In between all the haggling, bargaining, and cash changing hands it is sometimes hard to ascertain if you’re being handed a golden deal or being duped. Everyone, after all, has his or her own axe to grind. But Fr!day is on your side. Here are the seven mantras of a highly effective shopper that will help you navigate the shopping craze this festive season

People from far and wide throughout the year for work and education return their home. So, Dashain means ‘returning home’ to many. For those living in Kathmandu, it means wider and quieter streets. But, people bring a lot of happiness with them, when they arrive at their hometown. Children become happy when they get new clothes, and tasty food and sweets. And this festival is renowned for new stuff and heavy shopping.  So today here, we are suggesting you read the idea of the shopping idea for the Dashain.

Dashain Shopping- 12 Things to Buy in Vijayadashami Festival of Nepal

1. Mobile and Gadget:-

Smartphones are not an exception during the festive season. All the gadget lovers dig out all the possible stores to find their most awaited model and finally buy it at the discounted price.

The supplier of Mobile and Gadget had said many leading mobile companies usually offer attractive discounts targeting Dashain.

gadget mela on the occasion of Dashain
gadget mela on the occasion of Dashain

“The discounts range up to 40 percent and we have been supplying thousand mobile phones per day following the festive discounts. The shopping spree is not confined merely to clothes, but the latest smartphones to automobiles or even holiday packages—there is always something to amuse you for the value you are willing to pay. And if you know how the whole fete dawns on the valley, you probably know the people are enticed with advertisements and schemes on almost all the items and we all know the temptations of cracking a bountiful raffle, don’t we? So it would be the great profit if you buy this gadget and product on the occasion of the Dashain. Here, we are listing some mobile brand, not for the advertisement purpose but for your reader to get to know about the market who are providing the special offer that could really benefit you. These are the scheme that famous brand of Mobile Phone providing on the year 2017, and more or less such scheme are usually provided to their costumer to draw their mass. And more often Customers wait two-three months for the festive season to buy various home appliances with the hope of getting something as a gift

  • Samsung mobile phone

Samsung initiated their “Utsav Ko Umanga, Samsung Sanga Pariwar Danga” campaign as their promotional offer for this festive season. In this scheme, buyers have a chance to win Samsung’s various home appliances that include: 40 Samsung Smart TVs, double door refrigerators, fully automatic front, load washing machines, microwave oven or vacuum cleaners.

Samsung is providing Rs 5,000 off on both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ making these two models available for Rs 76,900 and Rs 86,900 respectively during the festivities.

Samsung is as well offering Ncell data pack of 1200MB  i.e 100MB for 12 weeks for 3G enabled smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy J1, Next Prime, J2, and J1 Ace. To activate this, all you need to do is type Ncell in your SMS box and send it to 17100.

  • Xiaomi smartphones 

For the festivities this year, Xiaomi has announced its offer: “Kina manchhau bore, Dashain Tihar ma MI ko gift sure” based on which, every purchase of Xiaomi phone will get you exciting gift hampers which mainly include Mi products. As we all know, Dashain Offers are not really complete without travel offers. The Xiaomi Dashain-Tihar offer comes with two travel packages: the first one offers a Dubai Couple Trip and the second offers a Bangkok Trip for one. Also, the scheme will allow you to win a Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle.To participate in this scheme, you first need to install the Mi Nepal app on your smartphone and fill up the required details. After the submission and verification, you will receive an SMS about what you have won.

  • Huawei smartphones

Huawei has initiated a campaign called “Upahar yes to harek ghanta ramau jasto” where you can win a Huawei Smartphone or a power bank every hour. The company has not disclosed which smartphone you will be getting the prize; it can be any of the Huawei smartphones available in the market. This offer was applicable for only Huawei phones purchased from September 1 to September 25. The company has targeted to award 400 winners throughout the scheme.

If you are already a Huawei consumer, then you can also benefit from Huawei’s Festive Service Offer through which you can get a free software maintenance for your device. You will also get a mobile phone ring holder while buying. But for your information, this offer is only available at Huawei Service Center, CTC Mall, in Kathmandu.

  • Gionee smartphones

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Gionee has also come up with excellent offers and schemes this Dashain/Tihar. With the tagline: “Gionee: Sab khushiyali, Singapore yespali” the company is going to fly 20 individuals to Singapore. To go along with it, there are various other gifts and prizes as well and 20 Gionee A1 and A1 lite phone up for giveaways for lucky winners.

To participate in the Gionee Dashain Tihar Offer, you will have to buy a Gionee phone between the deadline and use the scratch card.  The following prizes are up for offer: 5 days/4 nights trip to Singapore for 20 individuals; 12 Gionee A1; 12 Gionee A1 lite; and Ncell free data packs.

  • iPhones

Generation Next Communications, the authorized distributors of Apple as well HTC devices in Nepal had recently dropped down the prices of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus all over in Nepal and are continuing their usual trend as an offer for Dashain. Moreover, on every purchase of any iPhone, buyers can get a silver coin or a gold coin. Some of the discounted rates for iPhones are: iPhone 6 (128GB)—Rs 55,000; iPhone 7 Plus (256 GB)—Rs 99,000; iPhone SE (32 GB)—Rs 90,000.

  • Colors smartphones:

Colors Nepal has come up with a “100 percent cash back offer” for this festive season along with a few extra gifts. These offers are available for only a selective set of phones from the company: Colors P70 Selfie U, Colors P55 and Colors P45.

To participate in the Colors 100 percent Cash Back Offer 2017, you will have to buy any of the three smartphones between September 5 and October 26. Then send an SMS the unique IEMI number with the format : Colors <space> IMEI number and to 6000(NTC) or 36000(NCELL).After that, you will get a unique confirmation code confirming your participation in the lucky draw. The winners will be announced on the company’s official Facebook page. The company has targeted to announce 50 winners every week. If you happen to win the lucky draw contest, you have to claim the prizes within 15 days of the announcement.

  • ZTE smartphones

Another renowned company Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation or uniquely ZTE, which is also the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and entered Nepal in August 2016. For the season of the festivals of Dashain, Tihar, and Chhath, ZTE is introducing a few offers for Nepali buyers which includes laptop bags and t-shirts on their selected line of smartphones. The ZTE smartphones on which you can win laptop bags are ZTE Blade L5, ZTE Blade L5 Plus, ZTE Blade D2, ZTE Blade S6 and ZTE Blade A2 Plus.

Now, armed with the inside scoop, don’t wait. The chance won’t come again (until next year). If you’re planning on splurging on gadgets this year, there might not be a better time than now.

The prizes aren’t set for one person only. So, if you do win, you’ll win things that will be useful for your whole family!

2. Home Appliance:-

Possibly UHD television or a set-top box that guarantees deluxe picture quality, these schemes make rounds on our televisions incessantly in a loop until we find ourselves guilty of humming their theme songs!

Sales of the home appliances increased by up to 35 percent during Dashain festival this year, according to major home appliances dealers in Kathmandu.


Dealers of major brands like Samsung, LG, TLC, CG, Beko, Haier, Toshiba, Kelvinator and Godrej, among others, had launched different offers in order to boost sales of refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, LEDs and LCDs during the festive season, a time when sales of home appliances peak. Dashain and sales of electronic goods are correlated as people have enough disposable income during this time of the year. Besides, people living in urban areas are continuously upgrading their living standards, and home appliances are deemed as components that add value to their living condition.  Refrigerator, Television, Laptop, Vaccum Cleaner, Washing Machines etc are some common appliance that is in trend and high in demand, as well their price also get lowered to increase this mark, so it would be your great opportunity for the user to buy this gadget on the occasion of Dashain and make your  festive season filled with gadget.

3. Clothes:- 

New Clothes are the specialty of the festival Dashain. When we were the child, we usually await the moment when our parents buy us new clothes. As well each member of the family, get their new clothes on this occasion. Although, in these day people usually buy their garment and clothes without waiting for any occasion, when we get new cloth in Dashain, it would sure remind us of our childhood and hence, buy clothes on the occasion would be a great idea. Contrary to popular belief, there is no season like off-season. Buy essentials during the off-season when prices are likely to be tagged lower.

dashain shopping people nepali
dashain shopping

Dashain is the perfect time to get clothes for the dead of winter or stock up on cool tees and tank-tops for next summer. You might raise a few eyebrows, but you will be thanking yourself later. The festive season brings more than just autumn chills. The Aug-Sept season is perfect for almost all branded clothing stores around Durbarmarg and beyond offer great discounts. Dashain brings with it a shopping craze; how well you can surf the wave of deals and discounts is the question. Have a good selection of fabric and quality irrespective of where you shop. Dress as per the occasion, and have a proper selection before buying.

This will give you a good idea of what aspects of your wardrobe need reinforcement this Dashain. Haphazard shopping might lead you to pay more.If you have made the idea to buy the clothes for your family then we have got another article, that would help you along with the tips, and concern that you should make while buying clothes for different age group in this site http://www.imnepal.com/dashain-dresses-male-boys-men-children-teenage-adults/

4. Food and Sweets:-

Another specialty of the festival Dashain is the food and the sweets item. We usually take lots of food that contain high in fat, spicy, and unhealthy sometimes. So we should take care while managing the food item for Dashain.While there are options wide and far when it comes to Nepali food, there are some that are enjoyed by many and on many occasions. We have included those foods that have come to become common names in Nepali households and are enjoyed and shared with great pomp and love. Dashain is all about family and food and when members meet to discuss lives and enjoy delicacies, there is little left to complain about. This season, let’s enjoy the foods that have come to our lives through our parents and their parents. Instead of growing old, these foods have somehow managed to hold us together and entertain our palates for centuries.

We have described the food item in veg and nonveg categories,

  • Non-veg food

Meat and their verity of the dishes are the main attraction of the Dashain food. Millions of goats, thousands of buffalo, and numbers of hens, ducks are get sacrificed and their meat is eaten by whole family and the guest.

There is another chunk of the population who visit by shops to shops to get the white meat for reason red meat is considered fatty and comparatively harmful for health when consumed in large amounts, so many people these days prefer for white meat.

Whether it is it red or white meat, you may fall sick in the middle of the celebrations if the meat produced is contaminated or stale. So, there are many several factors that should be considered evaluated before one buys meat. When choosing for white meat, you should consider its quality from the very start of the processing of meat. The quality and taste of chicken vary on the basis of how chickens get reared in poultry farms and during slaughtering process and further packaging.

Even though farmer rears the chicks in an environment-controlled farm and when adult chickens are brought to the slaughterhouse, they must be tested for any deformities or diseases and should be slaughtered in a painless way. First, the chickens are stunned, scalded, while their feathers and two layers of their skin are peeled off. Then their body temperature is lowered to 10°C.

The slaughtered chicken is further cut for different items as customer preference wings, breasts, legs, and should be vacuum packed if to supply to farther part and it should be taken for blast chilling that decrease the temperature to below -20°C.   Even if, you prepare your meat yourself then you have to clean them properly and store them in a safe way so that it would not get contaminated.

The consumer should always check how the meat is packed or being sold before consuming it. Many of the slaughterhouses usually don’t meet the government-set operational and ethical standards and requirement. The places stink and the process is rather ruthless.It is also essential that you know if the slaughterhouses you visit to buy meat maintain the standards that are necessary to conduct the slaughter and sell meat.

Although it is also common among people to think that only chicken cut in front of them are fresh and hygienic, this is one of the wrong misconceptions that people have held on to for long. Also, they believe cold chicken is old chicken and unhygienic. In fact, lower the temperature lesser the chances of its decomposition and bacterial infection. But even with efforts, we should be able to change this thought process

  • Veggies Dashain food:-

There are a variety of tongue-tickling foods for the non-vegetarians that they can enjoy, Dashain also comes with many various home-made vegetarian meals. Although non-vegetarians outnumber vegetarians in Nepal, the number of veg-restaurants has been increasing as both of the group can enjoy the veggie food.

A vegetable vendor has also explained that though vegetables are always in demand, but with Dashain approaching, they are excited about making profits. Usually small and small of the cart are found to contains 25 types of vegetable, of which cauliflower and mushroom are much preferred by people during festivals and special occasions.

it is impossible to point out anyone good food in particular. But we have plenty and that is the beauty of it all.

Dashain Festive Appetizers


This dish is traditionally made in Newari families but has been a big part of all other homes for a really long time. With the base of black lentil, bara is enjoyed as an appetizer during almost all festivals. But, in Dashain, during getting together, it is particularly loved by almost everyone. So you should buy rice flour, black lentils if you wish to make it your special food for Dashain.


Which Nepali festival would be complete without momo? This national sensation, as I like to call it, started off as a simple dish but changed into one of the most preferred delicacies in Nepali homes. With the fillings of paneer (cottage cheese), vegetables, or meat, momo is found in all shapes and sizes suitable for every palate and purse. Hence, Dashain sees a spur in momo consumption. So to prepare momo, first, you should have a steamer to steam momo, as well flour, and other stuff which you can easily get in the market.

Aalu body taama:

Just the smell of it and you remember heaven! To those who love tama, there is no better dish. People prefer eating their entire plate of bhaat (rice) with aalu bodi tama. This bamboo shoot is sour to taste and is prepared with potatoes and beans. It is spicy and tasty, just as any festival delicacy should be. You can buy this on the local vendor, that you can enjoy this special cuisine.


Furandana has, in recent times, become a big part of Dashain. While traditionally, Dashain meant serving daal, bhaat, tarkari, and maasu to the guests, with changing times, it is impossible to prepare and then serve everything for five days to all the guests, as tradition calls for. It is an even bigger torture to eat all that in all the houses we visit. So, an easy yet delicious option of furandana has come into existence. Fried beaten rice is mixed with bujhiya and dried fruits, and served with meat or curd in almost all households today, making furandana a new yet equally tasty Dashain food.

Kauli and Saag:

Though vegetables are enjoyed in every season, October calls for special love towards cauliflower and spinach. All Dashain parties or get-togethers have these vegetables. The main reason behind this could be the eternal love of Nepali people towards these vegetables. Almost everyone loves it.

Desserts for all


Kheer, or rice pudding, is the king of desserts in festivals. Cooked with little effort and enjoyed with grand hearts, kheer forms an integral part of Dashain cuisine. Cooked with milk and rice, this dessert is a big part of our puja and our parties as well. You need, rice, milk and some dry fruits to make this recipe.

Sel roti

Nothing defines Nepali dessert as well as sel roti. Cooked with grinded rice, sel roti with its unique doughnut-like the shape and divine taste represents Nepali culture and Dashain festival, both at once. A big part of our pujas, sel roti is enjoyed both hot and cold, and as older people say, a day-old sel roti is still better than the fresh ones. I don’t know about that, but it definitely aims to please, and it does, in so many ways. You have to buy, rice flour, ghee, vegetable oil, and sugar as the essential ingredients to make this roti.


This Nepali “pizza” is another gift from Newari culture. With rice base, eggs, and lots of delicious ingredients topped onto it, chatamari makes a great main dish for food lovers. Like momo, you have the liberty of choosing vegetarian or non-vegetarian toppings, making it a universally loved dish. In Dashain, it is traditionally made in many homes.

Suji ko halwa:

Traditional Nepali homes have suji ko halwa (semolina pudding) during any festival. Prepared with relative ease and served with great love, this delicacy is traditional yet enjoyed even today. You can get suji flour in your local market and enjoy it.


It is simple yet integral. For generations, we have been serving curd as an important form of dessert in our culture. At the end of every meal, curd holds an important place. It is served with almost all main courses and is easily prepared overnight at home in most cases. The curd is as well used for making tika of Dashain, so it is the impartial recipe of the Dashain. 

5. Fuel

Although Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) usually assure that there would be no shortage of petroleum fuel during the festivals.

Although there is effortful effort to increase the stock of petroleum products targeting the high demand festival season, there is sometimes the case of black market of petrol product, because of mediator between distributor and public. It is advisable for a reader to ensure about the fuel, either as an alternative or making a stock of LPG gas. Talking about the trend of price structure received from IOC during the festive season, the price of fuel slightly increases so that it would reduce the NOC surplus. But for people it’s advisable to think about the alternative of LPG gas. You can find Briskest in the market, which is smoke-free, as well useful for making barbeque without making it mess. Similarly, other alternatives for fuel are firewood, bhuse chulo, electric heater etc. Many dishes are made during the festive season, so you must be sure about the fuel for cooking.

6. Utensils:-

Every cultural celebrated in Nepal has its own rituals and elements. For example; among other the key cultural activity of “Dashain” is also to grow barley plant for Mother Goddess “Durga”. From the perspective of Anthropological symbolism, one may assume that cultivation of barley (considered to be the first grain of the earth) was already developed in the time when the festival of “Dashain” started in the “Dwapar Yuga”.

Similarly, a specification of the earthen small vessel (Kalas) to be used for offering holy water to Mother Goddess “Durga” symbolically may consider the types of utensils used materials to construct during that period. Beside this, this festival is known for the special dish called “sel roti”, and many other sweet. It needs special type of utensils to make it perfect like conical pouring vessel, fryer, big stove so, it would be great to celebrate the perfect moment with perfect dishes, cooked in the perfect utensils.

Similarly, Kalas made up of copper has equal religious importance. As mentioned above it is used for offering holy water to Mother Goddess Durga, and this metal creates the pleasant vibes within us. So buying such type of vessel would be helpful to make your Dashain perfect.

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