Real and True Reasons Why Do Nepalese Celebrate Dashain Festival?

Real and True Reasons Why Do Nepalese Celebrate Dashain?

Reasons Why Do Nepalese Celebrate Dashain Festival: -Nepal is a multi-cultural, multilingual, well-diversified nation in terms of caste religion and many other aspects. Even the topography of Nepal serves to prove this fact about Nepal. The extremely diversified cultural aspect of Nepal might be because of the high difference in the geography and demographical construction of the people in a certain area resulting into the development of their own culture and thus uniquely identifying themselves in the overall context of Nepal. Although each and every culture has their own uniqueness there is also similarity among all these cultures and it is important to realize that such similarity must have grown from a single root of religion. This root religion in Nepal is Hinduism. Despite the fact the Lord Buddha the pioneer of Buddhism was born in Nepal and Nepal being the source of this religion it is Hinduism that dominates the major demographical structure in terms of religion.

Dashain Tika Jamara of Nepalese festival
Dashain Tika Jamara

With every religion comes a range of activities such as culture, norms and values, respective Gods, rites and rituals, festivals and celebration, and a basic guideline to life and stories backing them up in the holy books. Hinduism is one of such religion in which the number of gods is more than mere 1. It is believed that in Hinduism there are around 330 million gods and goddess with each and everyone uniquely contributing to structure this world and even the whole universe. With such gods and Goddess, the Hindu religion brings in the festivals celebrating and commemorating the life of many of those Gods and Goddess. Such festivals of Hindu include festivals such as Diwali or Tihar or Deepawali, Mahashivaratri, Dashain or Dasera, Saraswati Puja, Kali Puja, and so on.

The biggest Hindu festival to be celebrated in the household of Nepalese Hindu is Dashain. Dashain is a very long festival. A complete festival of Dashain is celebrated for fifteen days celebrating the great lives of many gods in each of these days. The celebration of Dashain has been discussed for reason by many.Dashain falls in the month of Asoj or October. The monsoon after the summer has just ended and the climate is soothing with slight breeze sunny days and clear blue sky.

Although there is the wide accepted reason the reason to celebrate Dashain always seems to increase. Today in this article we are going to discuss the various reason for why we celebrate Dashain.

Reasons Why Do Nepalese Celebrate Dashain Festival?

Goddess Durga killed demon Mahisasur

The story of the battle of Goddess Durga and Demon Mahisaur is one to hear many stories of Hindu religion. The Demon Mahisasur after a lot of penance and lot of praying to Lord Brahma was granted a wish to be not killed by any man or God by Lord Brahma. The granted wish soon came to become a reason to regret because the Demon Mahisasur started killed people threatening Gods and since he could not be killed by any of then the Demon rose and rose to power killing everyone and balancing the justice of life and death.

The demon Mahisasur was half man half buffalo. There were none like him. Gaint and terrifying to look upon and with the blessing of Lord Brahma the demon Mhisasur was simply unstoppable. Both heaven and earth felt a great sense for the need of end of this monster. The lords Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were desperate to find a way to stop this monster from ending the very sanctity of life and essence of death. They discussed for a moment. And then they held each other and started to radiate a striking light. A light like never seen before. A bright light so amazing, that even the sun diminished in comparison. Seeing this, alternate Gods additionally participate and the light shone significantly brighter.

Out of this lovely light, was conceived the ten equipped Goddess Durga, the representation of Adi Shakti. Since the height of the Lord Brahma was that no man or God could execute Demon Mahisasur and the Deity Durga was neither God nor man she was a lady and a goddess. The searing light that was made on her indication pulled in numerous Gods and they all offered her weapons to execute the Demon Mahisasur.

Sudarshan chakra was given to her by Lord Vishnu. Master Shiva gave her a hazardous Trishul a trident like no other. She got a Quiver loaded with bolts from Lord Varuna, the God of the Sea. Master Yama, the God of Death, gave her a persuasive Scepter. Ruler Indra, a Thunderbolt, to bang the earth. Master Vishwakarma, the Architect of the Gods, a threatening hatchet. Kaal, or Time, gave her a sharp sword. She got a kamandal, or pitcher, from Lord Brahma. Agni skilled a bursting dart. Airavata, Indra’s white elephant, gave Goddess Durga a chime. Its sound helped her darken the evil spirits. The forceful Himalayas gave Goddess Durga a lion to ride upon.

Outfitted with these weapons and sanctification of thousands of different Gods Goddess Durga walked close consummation the life of Demon Mahisasur.

The battle lasted for ten days. Each day more strong than the other. Goddess Durga had already severely injured the Demon and only seconds away in the tenth day Goddess Durga severed the head of the Demon which went regularly down the battlefield. Such a victory was never seen before. This day embarked the restoration of life and death and happiness in the world. The victory of the battle of ten days is celebrated for ten days remembering each and every day. Thus this celebration is also called Vijayadashami. Vijaya means victory and Dashami mean ten. Thus, Dashain is also called Vijayadashami.

Lord Ram killed Ravan

The second reason is the end of Ravan the Lankan Demon Lord Ram an avatar of Lord Bishnu. Lord Ram at the time of performing this deed of ending Ravan’s cruelty was serving banishment to a forest far far away from his throne. Lord Ram in the process of rescuing the Goddess Sita his wife from the imprisonment of the Demon Ravan killed Ravan and stopped the terror he and his fellow country demon brought to other Kingdoms. The terror of Demon kingdom is over and now people can live in peace and kite was one of the earlier ways of a showing of this celebration and spreading the historic and brave battle won by Lord Ram.

Each of the days of the Dashain also embarks a celebration of a cause and each day has its own reason.

The first day of Dashain – Ghatasthapana

The first day or the day called Ghatasthapana is celebrated for remembering the day when Goddess Durga started her battle against Mahisasur. This day is also celebrated for the start of a new world free of Demonic activity. The Gathasthapana means putting a vessel that symbolizes the Goddess Durga.

The second to sixth day

Each of these days has own value. Although people do not lively worship any gods almost all the Hindu go to as many temples as possible on these days. They visit Sankata, Shovabhagwati, etc temples and acknowledge gods for their presence.

The seventh day of Phulpati

This day is celebrated to thank the gods and the mother earth for giving the foods and water to survive. Phulpati means flowers and plants including cash crops, grains, and trees. The celebration on this day shows that in this day the household of Nepal bring in the grains from their field and thank god for their constant support to making this happen. It is also a celebration of another successful yield in the field and thanking God and also praying for same support and even better yield the next year. The king used to observe the ceremony in Tundikhel while the Fulpati parade heads towards the Hanuman Dhoka now we have our president who looks after the parade as it progresses. It symbolizes the yield of the nation.

The eight-day. The day of Goddess Kali

Goddess Kali is an enraged incarnation of the Goddess Parvati. She is one of the strongest and deadliest goddess when provoked. She was capable of lifting Lord Shiva and even killing him afterward Lord Shiva was resurrected but the myth of Goddess Kali existed forever. Although no part of Hindu religion shows sacrifice as a virtue to be done and also claims that no individual have right over the life of others be it animals, many people still kill goats, hens etc on this day remembering the blood that Goddess Kali spilled in her rage symbolizing her strength and power and also in the process showing the Girls are not weak and if need be they can take the incarnation like that of Goddess Kali hence we all must respect girls and women in our life.

The ninth day, Mahanawami

Mahanavami, Vishvakarman, the god of creation is worshiped as it believed that all the things which help us in making a living should be worshipped and provided respect to. Business people such as craftsmen, traders, and mechanics worship and offer animal and bird blood to their tools, gear, and automobiles so that there would be no loss in the business process.

This day also embarks the day when Lord Ram killed Demon Ravana.

The tenth day

This day is called Vijaya Dashami. This day embarks the day when Goddess Durga killed the Demon Mahisasura.

The other five days of Dashain is celebrated so that people have ample time to spread the love and blessing and celebrate the victory of Goddess Durga with as many people as possible. If you have any suggestions or feedbacks that you want to give us then we are happy to receive your constructive comments. Do not forget to like our facebook page and comment, like and share our article.

Real and True Reasons Why Do Nepalese Celebrate Dashain Festival?

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