Happy Dashain Wishes, Text Messages, SMS, Greetings Collection in Nepali and English Language

Dashain Wishes, Text Messages, SMS, Greetings Collection in Nepali and English

Happy Dashain Wishes, Text Messages, SMS, Greetings Collection in Nepali and English language: –

Dashain is reflected to be the biggest festival celebrated by Nepalese people because almost all Nepalese across the country actively celebrate this festival. Dashain falls in the month of Asoj or October. A complete festival of Dashain is celebrated for fifteen days celebrating the great lives of many gods in each of these days. Dashain is the celebration of victory of Good against the Evil. It is the reflection of success. It is the lesson for every mankind that we must always take the path of Good and never take the path of evil. The consequences of our choice are shown in the stories of Dashain.

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Happy Dashain Vijayadashami Greeting card

While wishing in Dashain it is important to include these things in order to reflect the dashain and its essence. First it is the gods, we can refer to God Ram or Goddess Durga, also Godess kali is also equally important Goddess in the festival of Dashain. Next is to refer to the success and importance of doing things the right way. And that the right way is always the way to success. Third is to refer to the guidance and blessing.

The blessings from elders are the very essence of the festival of Dashain it is very important to include the blessings and its significance in the wishes of Dashain. Finally it is very important to assure people that hard times and good times are both part of life. It is both of these together that gives life a meaning and makes the value of success even larger. It is also a good idea to mix up all of these aspects of Dashain and thus gives a new and holistic wish of Dashain. In this article, we will be giving many ways to wish you family friends and loved ones the Happiest WISHES of Dashain. Make a pick of your wish and shower your loved ones with endless good times and warmth. Here is the list of fifty choices of ways to wish happy Dashain 2075.

Happy Dashain Wishes, Text Messages, SMS, Greetings Collection in Nepali and English Language

• Wholehearted good wishes to you on the auspicious festival of Dashain 2075.
• May Goddess Durga Bhawani forever protect you. This is my wish to you on the auspicious occasion of Dashain 2075.
• Like the victory of Goddess Durga Bhawani and Lord Ram may you live also get filled with the victory. My warm wishes of Dashain to you.
• Like the red tika on your forehead and jamara on your head forever may the success from blessing of Dashain decorate your life. Happy Dashain 2075!

• I wish you and all of you family a happy Dashain and a life full of happiness, peace, and prosperity.
• Let us enjoy the biggest festival of Hindus by spreading happiness and excitement.
• Warm and good wishes to you on the biggest festival of Hindus. May this day bring you good omens and end your suffering and bad omens.

• May victories and success forever be your side this is my wish on this auspicious Dashain.
• Like the kites that touch the sky may your life touch skies with towering success and unequal happiness. Happy Dashain 2075 to you!

• May Lord Ram end all the struggles and sadness from your life. This is my wish to you on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami!

• When Lord Ram defeated Ravan, when Goddess Durga killed mahisaur
victory of good over evil was evident. May this day bring such victories to your life too.
• On the auspicious day of Dashain, I pray that you get all your endeavors fulfilled and enjoy your holidays.

• May the festival of victory forever bring victories in your life.
• May Goddess Durga always be with you in your hard times as strength and guide you to the path of victory.
• May you be forever blessed with easy ways to success and all your problems gets removes with the celebration of this festival of Vijaya Dashami  2075.

• May the blessing from elders be with you as you progress through life. Happy Dashain 2075.
• The auspicious times of Dashain embarks the importance of victory. May your life also show you many more victories.
• Dashain is a symbol of defeat of evil in the hand of Good. May the evils in your life also get defeated by the goodness in you. Happy Dashain 2075.

• Dashain a festival celebrated not only goodness and victories but also creation and provisions of mother earth for you on eighth and seventh day respectively. May all these celebration take you to path of progress and prosperity.
• The guidance from elders is a blessing may this blessing lead you to a successful path in your life. Happy Dashain to all.

• Good days come to one who gleams with smile, is gentle at heart and chants every moment of life with joy. Happy Dashain 2075!
• The serenity of life comes by being good, doing good and thinking good. May this Dashain bring all the good in your life. Happy Dashain.
• May the holy chants of Dashain, forever store blessings of Goddess Durga in your home for a prosperous and ever glorious life.

• Life goes back and forth like the swing we play on Dashain. May Goddess Durga give you strength to live life to fullest even at the desperate of times. Happy Dashain.
• Goddess Durga is forever with you in your hard times and good times. Brace yourself together and do not leave the part of goodness. Happy Vijayadashami.

• May the strongest bond of your family always remain in your family by the blessing of Goddess Durga. Happy Dashain to you and all your family members.
• Like every day of Dashain is celebrated for a reason may you find to celebrate every day of your life. Happy Dashain 2018.
• Always take guidance from the elders as your blessing. Always be on the path of good. May this Dashain start your journey to never-ending success.

• May your health remain intact, may joy never stop in your life, may your wealth appreciate and may you never leave the path of right. Happy Vijayadashami t all your family and friends.
• May the blessing of your elders remain in the heart of yours and forever guide you to the path of success.
• Wherever you are whatever you do, remember the blessing of Dashain are forever with you Happy Dashain 2018.

• May goddess Durga be forever with you in your journey to be right and bring prosperity, satisfaction contentment, health, celebrations, achievements, bliss, knowledge, warmth and success for you! Happy Vijaya Dashami!
• Best way to celebrate Dashain is to help a needy hand, feed a empty stomach, guide juniors, respect elders and share smiles to no end. Happy Vijayadashami my friend.
• The divinity of Diwali brings purity in your life and contentment to your soul. Happy Dashain 2018!

• May Lord Ram forever bless you with success and end the hindrances. This my wish to you. Happy Dashain!
• My warms wishes of the auspicious Dashain to all the Nepalese brothers and sisters living here in Nepal and proudly representing Nepal in the foreign land.
• May the blessing of Dashain forever lighten your path towards success.
• May the happiness in the sharing good times in the time of Dashain forever be with you and blessing of Dashain bring many and more of such days.

• The distant people come together at the time of Dashain. May you meet your loved one and share times of joy and happiness. Happy Dashain to all!
• May the brotherhood, familyhood and sisterhood grow in strength like the strength of Goddess Durga! Warms wishes of Dashami to us all!
• There is no equal to the mightiness of truth and path of right! May you be forever guided to embrace these! Happy Vijayadashami to all!

• May the beautiful bond of family forever be with you. Happy Dashain 2018!
• Let us make another memorable times of family togetherness in the time of Dashain. Happy Dashain 2018!
• May you get time to get together with family, may you find ways to reach them after all Dashain is a festival to be spent with family. Happy Dashain to you and your family.
• May you give love and affection and shower kindness to all and in return you get guidance and blessing. Happy Vijaya Dashami 2018.

• Dashain is a celebration. Let this Dashain bless you with atmosphere of celebration and emotions filled with love throughout your life.
• My wholehearted wish to all my near and dears. May Goddess Durga forever strengthen our life.
• May the blessing of Dashain guide you to success till next year when Dashain comes again to shower you with more guidance and more success. Happy Dashain 2018!

• Dear friends and family and loved ones, may you all be the part of plan of Goddess Durga to share her strength and success . Happy Dashain 2018!
• May Dashain make you strong to face every tackle and guide you to success.

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